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Encouraging more women into tech

The under representation of women in tech is well documented.

Due to its media, entertainment and creative industries focus, The Studio can play a big part in activating women’s involvement with technology.

It is the mission and vision across all initiatives of The Studio to actively promote, inspire, recruit and foster women’s involvement.

Education and research

For all members, The Studio aims to provide access to vocational training, mentors, research, formal and less formal education aimed at developing core life skills. Internship programs will provide exposure to startup activity and entrepreneurship.

The Studio will host or run education programs and events tailored for school students of all ages. This will provide opportunities for school groups to learn by engaging with startups and entrepreneurs, experience a co-working space and The Studio community.

Existing groups like SteamPop, Code Club and Code Rangers for children, will be encouraged to run classes and events within the space.