COVID-19 Updates from The Studio
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COVID-19 POLICY              

With the recent Government advice around the COVID-19 virus and measures that have been taken to combat the spread of this, The Studio has put in place the following policies and procedures.

The key principles behind these policies and procedures are categorised as follows: 

  • – To keep our residents, employees, volunteers and visitors compliant, safe and healthy whilst in the workplace; 
  • – Ensure we have measures in place to limit the spread of the virus within our business and physical location;
  • – Follow the Sydney Startup Hub protocols;
  • – Outline the actions The Studio has in place should there be a suspected or confirmed outbreak within the workplace or the Sydney Startup Hub.


All persons are required to sign in virtually at reception, provide first and last name and phone number. This ensures we are able to contact you should there be an outbreak of COVID-19.

The following declaration is required by all upon entry (to be read and agreed to)

  • Do you have any flu-like symptoms, temperature, cough, runny nose, sore throat?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has C19?
  • Have you been overseas in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has been overseas,in Victoria or another other COVID-19 hotspot in the last 14 days?

To obtain entry “no” must be answered to all questions. It is mandatory to stay away from The Studio if you are unwell.

We recommend flu vaccination and for all people entering The Studio to have the COVIDSafe app activated. 



Should a person with C19 be identified as having been in The Studio or there is a suspected or confirmed outbreak, The Studio will notify the relevant authorities (SSH, NSW Health Public Health Unit), notify all residents and people in TS, evacuate and close the facility. Following instruction from the authorities, TS will notify residents when it will reopen.



We will ensure we have ample hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant sprays available to use while at The Studio.



We will have plenty of signage and floor decals to ensure all maintain 1.5 metres distance from others. Where possible, doors will remain open to minimize touchable surfaces. Where this is not possible, disinfectant surface sprays will be located nearby for your use.



We are doubling down on cleaning and have implemented a cleaning checklist and have employed an additional dedicated cleaner to be on site for a period, during the days Monday to Friday.



An additional reception desk will be located near the front door of The Studio. This allows the front door to remain open, all staff, volunteers, residents and visitors to be logged, ensure maximum occupancy numbers are maintained and facilitate the ability to contact individuals should this be necessary. 



It is the responsibility of all at The Studio to protect others from the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by: 

– practicing physical distancing;

– practicing good hygiene, including coughing and sneezing etiquette and hand hygiene;

– wiping down surfaces after use, such as in meeting rooms, studios, the kitchen and any other common areas.

The virus can be transmitted via surfaces and live on surfaces for up to 7 days. It is everyone’s personal responsibility for cleaning surfaces after use. 


It is mandatory to stay away from The Studio if you are unwell.

In the event of a person having COVID-19 please notify The Studio’s Community Manager or CEO. We will treat information confidentially and will work with authorities to undergo contact tracing. 



We are committed to providing a safe environment for all employees with constant training, information updates and communication around the current COVID-19 situation. The Studio adheres to Safe Work protocols.



Events at The Studio are currently on hold until further notice. 


Disclaimer: This document reflects our best knowledge at the time of writing and will be continually updated to incorporate new learnings and changes to regulations.



The Studio, Covid-19 Policy, 28 July 2020.  Version: 1.3