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Green Screen Studio / Studio with Black Drapes

Green Screen Studio Green Screen Studio
Room Detail:

A professional fully-equipped production studio with Chroma Green Screen and multiple lighting rigs.

Key Features:

Curved Digi-Green cyclorama with 200 degree capacity. 4x6x3 metres. Choice of either Chroma Green or dark grey floor with black drapes. Overhead LED panel grid lighting system with adjustable colour temperature. 2 Fresnel Lights. 2 sets of Lightpro daylight balanced fluorescents with stands. 2 brackets for horizontal and vertical lights. Scrim backcloth. DMX Crossfade System.

Main Benefits:

Analog and digital channel connection to our Sound Control Studio. Fully customisable lighting, equipment, floor and background. A versatile space for photoshoots, VR demonstrations, film production and more.

Ideal For:

Filming, Photography, Virtual Reality (VR), Stage Production.

Hourly Rate:

$140 + GST

Half Day (4 hours)/ Full Day (8 hours):

$500 + GST(8am-12pm OR 1pm-5pm) / $850 + GST(8am-6pm) / 15% Loading outside these hours.