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2021 The Studio Pitch Lab

The Hollywood inspired pitch has become a yardstick by which investors globally judge the fitness and readiness of a founding team for investment, energy and maybe even money.

This intensive Pitch Coach Clinic will not only help you present your startup better, but will likely influence your strategic direction, brand and marketing position and even how you see your enterprise, path to market and impact.

Pitch Lab is a new program designed to help startup founders refine their business model and hone their pitch. Led by Dr Tim Parsons, the program is delivered to a small group and includes one-on-one sessions.

Program Structure

Program Facilitator: Dr Tim Parsons

Half day workshop, 9am - 1pm in person at The Studio

Plus a 30 minute one-on-one session with Dr Parsons (at a later date)

Workshop date is:

June: Thursday 29th July (9am - 1pm)

Book Now

Cost for 1 participant: $299 + GST

Additional team member (from the same startup): $99 + GST